The animal world in watercolour

Time to turn on the spotlight for another wonderful artist: Liz Chaderton… I’ve been following Liz on twitter for a while now and I just love her work (and I mean love in all capitals). On…

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The enigmatic art of Ray Caesar

When i first saw the  enigmatic art of artist Ray Caesar i was attracted to his workt and the Victorian atmosphere. Ray Caesar was born in London, now based in Toronto. He creates a fantastic world wi…

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Digital paintings by Brian Despain

Brian Despain born in the far reaches of Upper Michigan. Started drawing since he could hold a pencil and never stopped again. He’s been doing almost every kind of art form, from graphic design, illus…

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Sensual women by June Leeloo

June Leeloo is a painter and illustrator from France. Her paintings usually depict women. The women represented are sensual, even kindly erotic but still they are mysterious and have an air of melanch…

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