Tomesen Architects

Tomesen Architects Design and build of the new website for Tomesen Architects. → Visit Website Client Client: Tomesen Architects Year: 2016 Categories: Webdesign…

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Change-Agents Branding and webdesign for Change-Agents. A Dutch company specializing in Human Resource Management, Interim Management and Change Management and reorganisation. → Visit Website Client C…

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Omroep Max

Omroep MAX Design for television show, logo, board game and website. Omroep MAX is a broadcast station in the Netherlands. The focus of MAX is on people with an age of 50 years and older. MAX is broad…

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Star Busmann

Star Busmann Logo and web design for Amsterdam based lawyer Pier Star Busmann. → Visit Website Client Client: Pier Star Busmann Year: 2014 Categories: Branding, Web Design, Design…

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Keukenhof Design posters, postcards and online game for Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, one of the world's largest flower gardens. → Visit Website Client Client: Keukenhof Year: 2009 - …

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Le petit Mas

Le petit Mas Logo and webdesign for Le petit Mas a holiday home in the Provence, France. Client Client: Le petit Mas Year: 2008 Categories: Identity, Web…

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NWF Online Brochure

Tourism Noardwest-Fryslan Design of an online digital brochure to promote the Dutch province Friesland. The brochure contains information and links about places and things to do when visiting this par…

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Unicef Visualizing an exhibition stand (part of NOT a yearly exhibition for teachers and schools in The Netherlands) Design for an online game. Making the schoolkids more aware of what Unicef does and…

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