Clouds in the sky – Ceramic sculptures

We all have them, memories, stories and feelings. But what are you doing with them? Just saving them in your head, or writing them down or maybe even paint them? Everyone has their own way of preserving those special moments and so does Midori Takaki. She transforms her thoughts, memories and stories that float around in her head, like clouds in the sky, into beautiful ceramic sculptures.

When she was living in Japan as a child she always thought she wanted to become a writer. As a child it wasn’t always easy to separate the real world from the world in her head. And Midori often didn’t know what to do with all the things that were floating around in her head. But she found a way, and what a lovely way to combine her aspirations of becoming a writer and preserving all her memories. She’s writing in ceramic…. Giving her thoughts shape and form. Bringing back to life every emotion, feeling that comes with her memories. Each and everyone are precious stories to tell, to save and to share with the world.

All the images belong to Midori Takaki enjoy more of her ceramic sculptures by visiting her website or shop.

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