One of a kind… Art Dolls by Jolanta and Robert

When I was little, besides building Technic Lego race cars, I did play with dolls. Yes… I did… you can stop laughing now hahaha. Back then I could play for hours creating an imaginary world where many an adventure would take place… But to be honest, none of my dolls were as beautiful and detailed as these Art Dolls by Jolanta and Robert. Two absolutely creative and talented designers from Vilnius, Lithuania. Each doll is carefully handcrafted and each little detail adds to the characters personality.

Puppetry itself is a very ancient art form. There’s evidence of the use of puppetry in Egypt. Puppets of clay and ivory where found in Egyptian tombs and also a description of ‘walking statues’ was found in the hieroglyphs. Many other countries and cultures also used puppetry to tell stories and communicate ideas and needs. Just think about Asia for example with the beautiful shadow theatres. Still today puppetry plays an important part in our lives (especially when we’re little). Giving us a chance to just hide in another world for a little while.

Be amazed by this stunning work and allow yourself to get lost in an imaginary world for just a few minutes…

All the images belong to Jolanta and Robert.

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