Watercolour and Oil paintings by Eugene Ivanov

Eugene Ivanov was born in 1966 in Tyumen (Siberia, Russia) currently living in Prague. Since his childhood he was fond of drawing. He graduated in the Tyumen Industrial Institute  and after three years of working in the domain of mineral-oil geology, Ivanov decided for the career of an advertising designer. Since 1989 he has been engaged in painting and graphic arts professionally. His first efforts with a pencil and ink on paper were soon followed by oil on canvas. Recently, he prefers watercolours. In his art, Eugene unites elements of landscape realism, motifs of yards and back streets of Prague’s Old Town, or the classical still-life with modern styles of the beginning of the 20 century like cubism, suprematism and expressionism.

Since 1989 Ivanov has participated in both group and solo exhibitions. His first solo exhibition in autumn 2002 in the Czech Republic was very important for Ivanov’s art career. This exhibition was organized with support by the Ostrava group of artists called “Spolek Mlejn”.  Since 1998 Eugene has been co-operating with Prague and Ostrava galleries and publishing houses. This included the publication of a colouring book of his figures in 2000 with the publishing house “Pierot”. He also won the first prize in the competition of illustrations organised by the Belgian publishing house “Wallonie-Bruxelles”. His works are held in many private collections in the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, UK and USA.

All images belong to Eugene Ivanov and you can find him on twitter or on facebook too.

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