A lively Wren – my guest with a loud voice

Delighted that this little Wren has chosen to make my house its home… Over the last month it’s been busy gathering twigs and leaves to build a nest in hole in one of the beams in my porch. Every morning it comes out of his safe nest, to sit on the edge of my porch door to take in the calmness of the morning. And if i’m up early enough I watch the little Wren with great pleasure before it takes off to find some breakfast or new nest material. It’s a very small (only 9.5 cm) and one of the smallest bird species in the UK. It has a very loud voice and, in my opinion, a very funny tail. That cocky tail puts an exclamation point on the bird’s lively voice and attitude. I managed to capture just a few photos of this excitable bird and I hope you will enjoy them…