Architectural Landscapes – A World Of Wonder

These architectural landscapes by Erik Fluitsma will take you on a special journey. As some of you might know, I love minimalistic photography. When there’s not much within the frame but still so much to explore and discover. When the pictures are clean and purifying, and you can get lost in a different world. So when Erik joined Twitter and started following me, I checked his website. I immediately loved his landscape series and I contacted him. He allowed me to use his photos on my blog (thank you so much!). So here it is another TwitterTreasure post…

Erik is a Dutch photographer. He was born in february 1980 and just recently, in december 2012, got his degree at the Photo Academy Of Amsterdam. His camera of choice is an analog Hasselblad and he prefers to shoot in black and white. His photos combine the cold steel and geometric lines of buildings into landscapes. A world on it’s own. Where you can get lost and wonder… Is what you’re seeing really the first thing that came to your mind… Or is it…?

All images belong to © Erik Fluitsma and you can view more of his work on his website

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  • geo melnikoff says:

    Cindy-these have a way of asking you to see a totally different persepctive-separating themselves by space from the environment.They are their own journey–thx-geo

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