Red Squirrel – Nuts for lunch

Sometimes you just realize how lucky you are. I live in a lovely house, in a quiet beautiful spot surrounded by gorgeous views, my garden is filled with wild flowers, birds, butterflies and all kinds of wonderful little insects. And every now and then, there is that lucky moment that I spot my charming friend the red squirrel. Lucky for me, not for the birds, as their food supply quickly vanishes with every visit of the red squirrel.

I enjoy every single minute watching my little friend, how he’s gracefully climbing on the wall and the way he’s eating the peanuts while keeping an eye on everything that’s going on around him.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch them closely, take a good look at their front paws… They only have four fingers there!

And did you know that it’s not the colour of the fur coat that will tell you if it’s red squirrel? Both the grey and the red squirrel can have a wide variety of coat colour depending on their geographical location and the current season. The main distinguishing factor is their size, red squirrels are much smaller and weigh less. Another obvious and easy to spot factor is the tufts on the ears of the red squirrel. I think they make the red squirrel look cute! They only moult the tufts once a year, while the coat is moulted twice a year…

My friend isn’t bothered at all by my presence and lets me take photos while he continues eating. A couple of beautiful quiet minutes, leaving a memory that will last forever. Hope to see you again soon mr Red, enjoy your lunch!

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