Red Squirrel balancing in the trees

A couple of weeks ago when I was sitting outside with my coffee, I spotted a squirrel running across the road in the front of my house. I quickly got my camera and took a photo before it ran off again left me hoping it would return again soon… I later found out that it was a Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris). This kind of squirrel is native to Britain, but its future is uncertain as the introduced American grey squirrel expands its range across the mainland. While driving or walking around the country side of Cumbria i’ve seen many signs saying, watch out Red Squirrels in the area. This to help and protect these animals as the Red Squirrel is a protected species in the UK.

How lucky was I, when a few days ago I spotted my little friend again chilling in a tree in my garden… It even let me get quite close capture a photo while it was staring down at me. I decided to leave it alone and stepped back into my porch to watch it from a distance. After a while it graciously made its way down and climbed on my garden wall, probably to check out my bird feeders 🙂 Then it went across the road again where it showed off being a real acrobat. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it stretching and even comfortably resting on a few thin branches. Amazing gifts of nature which, in my personal opinion, should be protected. So whenever you see a Red Squirrel, you can report your sighting here.


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