Sensitive moods

Michel Rajkovic born in France and living at Asnieres-sur-seine near Paris. He started photography in 2000 with a digital compact. The discovery of the long exposure technique and the black & white technique was a real revelation for him. These techniques best fit his sensitivity for many reasons: he is sensitive to the mood, to the light, taking the time to feel the place where he’s at. He’s an eternal dreamer and the long exposure technique allows him to capture a calm and imaginary world. The minimalist side allows us to open a door to the imagination because it gives the viewer the freedom to make their own history, their own interpretation…

Michel likes the concept of infinity in a waterscape that opens a door to our imagination. Besides, he loves the early morning mood when he’s alone on the beach feeling the air, the sea. These are magical moments.

I find his work inspiring because i love the minimalist simplicity and the magic moments of the early mornings. Truly magnificent work….

All images belong to Michel Rajkovic, see more of his wonderful work at

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