Shoot The Mood by Gavin Hammond

Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I love photography, art and music….. In this post I want you to meet another TwitterTreasure who covers all those subjects in a beautiful way. Gavin Hammond is a multi talented artist from London with an unbroken passion for analog photography. His dark and beautiful yet nostalgic work captures all the private moments and little secrets that are too often overlooked. The vast majority of the photos are shot in black and white, and play with shadow, light and minimalist shapes in an almost cinematic – or early 20th Century – kind of way.

Indeed, many of his pictures are reminiscent of the great early photographers: icons such as Erwin Blumenfeld and Edward Steichen, who turned photography (which was seen mostly as a craft at the time) into a legitimate form of art. Gavin takes us right back to a time when photography was much more soulful. Unlike most modern photographers, he refuses to retouch his work with Photoshop or crop them in any way; so all of his creations are almost exactly as he captured them with his Lomo LC-A+.

And if his work has a cinematic feel, that’s because Gavin has already written the soundtrack. In his other life, he is a well-respected music producer who writes beautiful songs from his small but airy studio filled with analogue equipment. In his spare time he also draws cartoons, shoots lofi films and writes poetry. It’s almost as if he prefers being lost in his own world to joining in with ours. So while looking at his pictures, why not put his Noir pop project Sweet Tooth on your stereo and drift away to a better place…

All images belong to Gavin Hammond, and you can see more of his wonderful work at his tumblr or at his Flickr-page. Find out more about his band at the sweettooth-website or watch and enjoy at vimeo.

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